Figurative sculpture, Garden Sculpture, Ecology awareness signs, eco house and general signs. Architectural sculpture & Memorials.

Suitable for all public and private design projects.

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Ingrained Culture


Right up to date 2019 'green' values.  Ecologically bountiful from all angles.  Adds an emotional dimension to design. Expert in conveying the 'green'metaphor.  We ordinary people instantly understand it. Children understand it. Long lasting but ultimately bio-degradable. Warm, real and life like. Suitable for indoor and permanent outdoor installations. Uplifting for all concerned and not as expensive as you might think.


When the Grown in Britain licence is applied to a product, it provides assurance of origin through an instantly recognisable label.  The Grown in Britain standard aligns itself with the UK government Timber Procurement Policy and provides a guarantee that products originate from timber grown in the United Kingdom.

All our products are labelled Grown in Britain and Scottish Working Woods.

We are Associate members of ASHS


The ‘chain of custody’ from raw material to finished product brings producers, customers and communities into a meaningful relationship with each other and with Scottish woodlands.

Serious about timber, passionate about our local woodlands.


ASHS is a cooperative of small and medium sized businesses, supplying Scottish hardwood and premium softwood timber products to the UK market place. It also hosts an associate membership consisting of oak framers, tree surgeons, architects, furniture makers, farmers, land owners and other industries involved to some degree or another within the Scottish Timber industry.

Everything I produce is made by hand, by me and exclusively made from sustainable British grown, Scottish timber.

The style and grace of tradition, today’s society & culture and tomorrow’s ecology.

Robert Lawrence wood carver & artificer.

In 2018 & 2019 Robert's work has been exhibited in: Cambridge, Leeds, London & New York.

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2019 art, ecology and practicality.

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Attuned to the needs of community groups, charities, trusts and .org(s). My British/Scottish sustainability credentials may help when applying for project funding. Comprehensive details available.