Figurative sculpture, Garden Sculpture, Ecology awareness signs, eco house and general signs. Architectural sculpture & Memorials.

Suitable for all public and private design projects.

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Ingrained Culture

Life size figurative sculpture can be one of the most effective tools to bring out an emotional response from people. Well thought out Life size figures can portray a passive message of welcome to your friends, family or visiting clients. You can ornament homes, offices or public buildings with images of today's society and the values that you hold dear.


I think little else touches the public more convincingly than realistic figurative pieces. It's probably because we can all (regardless of background or our place in society) associate with a representation of human life.  The  big advantage of realism, is that you don't need a degree in 'modern art' to understand the message it portrays. My work lends itself for use in private homes and  public spaces particularly for designating family friendly zones and sign posting facilities. I aim to appeal to as many people and from all walks of life as possible. In fact there is no end to the appropriate application of wooden figures including memorials. Suitable for indoor and permanent outdoor installations.


You may have a community led design where the inclusion of a specific person(s) might be appropriate or even rather fun. In which case, creating realistic portraiture, can be challanging but it is what I enjoy the most.

Life Size figures to ornament buildings and or as use in PUBLIC ART installations, outside spaces, gardens and parks. British handmade sculpture.


The choice of wood is of course the critical factor when it comes to how long the piece will last. The two figures pictured above are made from larch. Larch is commonly used in boat building and for farm fencing. Larch heartwood is classified as 'Semi-durable' by the Timber  Research and Development Association.


When constructing a figurative piece and using the two figures above as an example, I laminate Larch boards together using the world-renowned WEST SYSTEM epoxy. Once the rough figures are whole, a long period of hand carving takes place to sculpt the rough objects into people. Each piece is then treated with a wood preserver, encapsulated in WEST SYSTEM Marine Grade Epoxy and varnished with a polyurethane varnish. With simple and occasional maintenance, the piece should last for decades. All my work is repairable in the future and potentially can last for several decades. More information can be found on the Eco Policy page of this web site.


Alternatively, you might decide not to have the external coatings added and leave the natural weathering and deterioration to take its own course. Many would see this as a process in art in its own right.  


Other woods such as oak require no treatment at all, it will slowly turn black, it may split and weather and add to the overall effect. Oak may last a century or more.



For more information regarding WEST SYSTEM epoxy please click here

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Imagine this piece in a public park or a new housing estate. It is giving the clear message of a family friendly, natural environment about which we all care.

01561 360540

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Handmade to order. I can make just about any human being in any pose of your choosing. A single adult life size figure will cost about £4,500 plus delivery and installation if required.

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This piece is all about body language. His open gesture is designed to invite you to sit with him. There is nothing sinister in his pose, he has no hidden agenda. His facial expression is intended to show that he is listening intently to what he is being told. You can laugh with him, cry with him, thank him, blame him, shout at him. You can sit in silence or sing. This is modern sculpture that welcomes you to join in and share.

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Art today is so often reactive and reflective, but my work is proactive. Not just decorative or frivolous but useful and helpful.

Make an emotional connection.

Talk to him.

Love him

Share your ups and downs.

Trust him.

Befriend him.

Confide in him.

He will be there for you.

He'll always be a loyal friend.

Question him...

....if you want to.