Figurative sculpture, Garden Sculpture, Ecology awareness signs, eco house and general signs. Architectural sculpture & Memorials.

Suitable for all public and private design projects.

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Ingrained Culture

Thinking about climate change? My sculpture is not made from bronze, steel, iron or concrete - but made by hand from 100% British,

sustainable and legally felled wood.

No form of ornamentation is more effective in drawing an emotional response from people than figurative sculpture. It has of course, been applied to garden design as far back as the ancient Greeks, and arguably, figures have been used to manipulate human feelings ever since. Figurative art was, of course, hijacked by religion for a long time, but I can offer you a new way to include figurative work in your designs that reflect the times and environmental values of our contemporary society.


What better environment is there to evoke an emotional response to design than a sensory garden? Is there a better way to kindle that response than with the presence of a graceful form of Human kindness?


My figurative sculpture is warm, real and life like. My female figures uncannily portray femininity. My life size figures will compliment all well-designed public and private gardens. You don’t need a Degree in Modern Art to understand them. Children understand and interact with them.


For Garden Designers, your designs can really stand out as ‘NOW’ all my products are made from sustainable Scottish grown British timber. By including my work in your designs, you and your clients can make a proud ecological statement.


From a practical point of view, I’m happy to make any figure to any scale and to any fashion. I can make absolute portraits (your clients perhaps), representations or symbolism. I can make your design or offer my own. Once I have finished your order (and while it is still in my workshop) you will have the chance to decide whether it meets your expectations and whether to procced to buy it. All products can be delivered throughout the UK.


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Handmade to order from £1313.00 plus delivery

Handmade to order, a single life size adult figure costs circa £4,500, plus delivery and installtion

Gardens all over the world have been ornamented by art & scuplture, probably for as long as there have been gardens.  If you have a passion for garden design you may wish to consider a unique handmade sculpture of your own design.  Alternatively, I can offer ideas. All work suitable for permanent outside installation, I can make pretty much anything you wish.

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Garden figurative sculpture

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Suitable for permanent

outside installations.

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An Early preview of my latest piece, an Indian White Peacock. He is 7' from end to end!

One of the ultimate status symbols, a life size Indian White Peacock.