Figurative sculpture, Garden Sculpture, eco signs and Memorials.

Suitable for all public and private design projects.

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Interior Design

Ornamentation can cover many aspects of the interior, from applique relief work for retro fixing to doors to staircase design and integral structural pieces.  Or stand alone table decorations. Almost anything is possible.

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A gymnast designed to ornament a bannister. Ultimately she will be one of several figures making up the total piece. It is a representation of the 'twenty teens'. The gymnast, represents London 2012 and the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow 2014. Other figures will represent the 2016 Brexit referendum, an ever more celebrity culture and the continued reliance on personal technology.


The bannister is modern and made from Douglas Fir with glazed panels. The two pieces are made from slow grown Scots Pine and painted white to give a contrast against the dark red of the Douglas Fir. The Scots Pine and Douglas Fir are Scottish grown and sustaianble.


The overall effect will hopefully, give us a striking reminder of contemporary times and values.