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Ingrained Culture

Architectural Ornamentation

The mermaid pictured above, is installed at my own home. She is a small and inexpensive piece that has had an enormous effect. Visitors comment, delivery men love her, neighbours (and the Postie) who have seen her dozens of times smile and take her hand as they climb the adjacent steps – she lives here as much as we do.  A piece like the mermaid lifts your frame of mind, it makes meeting people more conducive and for children who are literally stopped in their tracks, an opportunity to experience how something graceful can affect their mood and spark the imagination – priceless!  

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We all recognise the value of outdoor spaces particularly if they relate to a specific building. I’m drawing a distinction here between gardens (which have their own page on this web site) and other outside spaces that can say, serve as fair weather meeting or quiet spaces. Such spaces can be vital to the overall success of a building’s design. I’m suggesting you consider ornamenting these outside spaces with my life size figures that are intended to inspire creativity and to encourage positive attitudes. They reflect modern life, values and serve as a metaphor for shared ecological principals.

Life size figures for stand alone outside ornamentation

Small scale inside ornamentation

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With the use of strategic ornamentation, you can induce a powerful emotional response from visitors, before they even reach the front door.

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The Mermaid is hand carved from Scottish sustainable oak.

She should last for decades and will slowly turn black as she is treated only with an occasional coat of boiled linseed oil.


Why live in one of those 'modern' austere, plain and it has to be acknowleged, rather dull buildings. When you could live in a 'now' ethical, sustainable and ornamented building that makes you feel good.


Join the trend amongst the enlightened, towards more natural materials and design concepts. A move to more ethical and sustainable design and a recognition that clients are looking for more of a holistic process to reflect their principals (or Company ethical practices), life style choices and conscience.

You might just start by thinking about  outside spaces. With careful ornamentation outside spaces can become inspiring fair-weather meeting places, they can set the scene to encourage fruitful relationships and provide room for contemplative thinking. Such an emotionally charged space might help with well being and mindfullness, persons affected might find calm when they are surround by representations of the very best  human qualities of kindness and friendship.

Fashion and the public consciousness is changing away from concrete & steel. Embrace the natural and be kind to the environment.

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Everything made by me by hand.

Outside meeting spaces

You're feeling something surely?

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