Figurative sculpture, Garden Sculpture, Ecology awareness signs, eco house and general signs. Architectural sculpture & Memorials.

Suitable for all public and private design projects.

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Ingrained Culture

The word artificer is perhaps a little awkward but an artificer is the traditional word for a craftsman. The person who actually makes the art. An artificer is not necessarily the artist but the man (in this case) who, with simple hand tools, applies experience, skill and judgement to translate a design into a 3-D sculptural form.

What is an Artificer?

About us

When you contact us, either my wife, the lovely Charlotte, or myself will reply. There are only the two of us here.  Charlotte deals with all the administration.


I Robert Lawrence, will make whatever it is you have ordered myself and by hand. Please look at all this website for a full idea of what we do and the values and policy we uphold.


As for background, we have spent over 30 years, in Property, buying, selling, maintaining, managing, renovating and restoring from sheds to substaintial blocks of flats. We have also converted period buildings into residential property and recently designed and built a new eco house.


I come from a long line of Lawrences involved with wooden restoration, building and cabinet making. However, I  have not had formal training, but I do have an  inherent ability with wood and a natural eye for sculptural form.

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01561 360540

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